Usage Guide

For those outside the university

Service for off-campus users has been suspended for the time being. (Reopening is undecided.)
〇Target users: Those who currently live or work inside Hyogo Prefecture.
〇How to use the library
1. Issuance of library user’s card: Those who do not currently have a library user’s card should first request one at the counter.
Required documents: Personal identification that verifies that the applicant currently resides or works within Hyogo Prefecture.
Period of validity: The card is valid for a period of one year from the date it was issued.

2. Library branches that can be used
Kobe Campus for Information Science, Kobe Campus for Commerce, Himeji Campus for Engineering, Harima Campus for Science, Himeji Campus for Human Science and Environment.
The Akashi Campus for Nursing only allows viewing inside the library.
* Library opening days and service contents differ between the different branches and may change from time to time, so please make sure to contact each library in advance before visiting.

3. Services available at the Library and Academic Information Center, Kobe Campus for Information Science

Internal viewing

Borrowing (only for those over the age of 18)
No. of books / Loan period: Up to 3 books (total book count from all library branches); 2 weeks (extensions are not allowed)

Library floor map
  ⇒Click here * Photocopying service is unavailable.

4. Access
* Please use public transportation when visiting the library. Do not bring your car.


  • The general library user’s card cannot be used by anyone except the registered individual him/herself.
  • The library is, in principle, intended to serve the needs of students and researchers of the University of Hyogo. For this reason, services offered to university staff and students will be given priority. We request your understanding in this matter.