User's guide

Opening time

9:00 - 19:00 (Monday - Friday)
Please note that LAIC opens from 9:00 to 17:00 during spring, summer and winter vacations.

Close day

Usual close days are as follows.

1.Saturday, Sunday and the holidays which are stipulated in the law regarding the holiday of the citizen
2.The end of the year and the beginning of the year (Approximately December 28th - January 4th)

* Temporary close days will be informed if necessary.

* On entrance exam days of School of Engineering and School of Science, LAIC usually opens. But please note that entering inside the university is sometimes prohibited.

Requirement of utilization

The person which corresponds to the following each of them can utilize LAIC Himeji Campus for Engineering.

1.The department student or graduate student of University of Hyogo.
2.The teacher or staff of University of Hyogo.
3.The person who lives in Hyogo and is 18 years old or more.
4.The person who works at an office in Hyogo.
5.The person who attends to university, junior college or technical college etc. in Hyogo.
6.In addition, the person whom the Curator of LAIC Himeji Campus for Engineering permits.

Rules and etiquette

The materials (books, magazines, etc.), the facility and the equipment of the LAIC is common property of present and future users.
Please observe the following rules and manners.

* Rules

1.While being in the LAIC, please carry your user card. In case of general users, please show us your user card at the information desk.
2.Please don't take the books outside the LAIC without procedure of borrowing.
3.Please observe the due date of the books you borrowed.
4.Please don't write in the materials, and don't cut off the materials, absolutely.
5.Please return the materials which you peruse to original position.

* Manners

1.Please don't bring food and drink into the LAIC and don't open them in the LAIC.
2.Please turn off your mobile phone and put it in your bag inside the LAIC.
3.Whisper is prohibition. Because it annoys other users, please keep quiet inside the LAIC.
4.Please don't change the setting of computers by yourself.

Utilization method

How to search books and magazines